Tegu Blocks vs Regular Blocks

Almost every child enjoys playing with building blocks at some point, and as they do so they acquire a plethora of developmental skills which is every parent’s joy. Like adults, the young feel proud seeing what they have built from scratch oblivious to the fact that the basic laws of physics absorbed in the process will come in handy in future. However, finding the perfect building blocks for children is vital more so if safety is paramount on your list as a parent. 

For many years, wooden blocks have been preferred for a number of valid reasons apart from the developmental aspect. To begin with, they make building really easy for kids and besides this; they are quiet toys, simplistic and cheap. However, safety has always been an issue with the regular wooden building blocks – until the inception of Tegu magnetic blocks. Sure, they may be more expensive than conventional wooden building blocks, but safe is never cheap. More often than not, children swallow the small wooden blocks and this is a scary thought for any parent out there. So, what exactly distinguishes Tegu blocks from the competition?

Safety – as stated above, safety is paramount to every parent while procuring toys regardless of whether they are toddlers or not and this is Tegu’s main leverage. The company placed a lot of emphasis in the design of these blocks, with the magnets well tucked and sealed to prevent them from falling out. In fact, one can hardly notice the magnetic element in the toys thanks to the discernable seam.

Better and More Exciting – regular wooden blocks are just that – wooden building blocks. Tegu however, decided to elevate the bar by building wooden, magnetic building blocks that are really exciting to work with even for young adults. That’s not all, the company recently launched a set of wheels and a line of toy cars that can be attached to the built blocks – talk about mobility. In short, kids can drive around their cars (which they designed themselves) if they get bored. Besides being unique as magnetic wooden blocks – a milestone in its own right – they come with a set of wheels too.

Colorful – regular wooden blocks are okay as building tools but to kids, its more than that. Tegu large sets are not only simplistic magnetic building blocks, but are also quite colorful which means a lot to the young. Next time you are at your local toy store, be sure to catch a glimpse of the Tegu magnetic blocks which come in varying sizes.