Tegu Blocks Mission

Tegu magnetic building toy blocks are different types of pieces made from plastic, wood or foam that are used in building kids toys.These particular toys can be used to represent alphabetic letters, numbers, shapes and colors. These blocks are painted using colorful, water-based, non-toxic coatings so that they can attract kids in the most healthy and ground breaking way. The blocks are put together with cubes and planks to boost a child’s capability of building bigger and taller creations. However, they have no instruction manuals so the children are free to explore their imaginations by building architectural masterpieces, expounding their creativity and practicing motor skills. Listed below are the main missions of Tegu foundation:


Honduras has been rated the third poorest country in the western hemisphere. Located in Central America, the Honduran Capital city is where Tegu mission blocks have brought huge change by providing jobs and longtime career growth. The company partners with local schools to help kids who work in local trash dumps to return into classrooms.

Tegu was started with the aim of motivating the economy in Honduras by providing job opportunities for the country. Materials used in making the blocks came from co-operatives such as Forest Stewardship council whose fund help in replanting rain forests. Therefore, with the aim of making a long lasting impact to the people and economy of Honduras.Tegu Cooperative decided to get the woods used for making these blocks from FSC-Satisfied Forests which is a process that enhances natural regeneration cycle in the forest cycle. They also partnered with local communities to support reforestation. The co operatives donated a large amount of their revenue to replanting effort. By this way children are able to show their creativity and this becomes a great learning opportunity.


Tegu.com was founded with a great aim of providing a gateway to limitless creativity in children. By providing traditional wooden blocks which are well known toys in all play rooms, Tegu’s mission was to provide a platform for creativity in a simple fun way for children.


The second mission to why Tegu Building blocks was founded is to provide a better way of exploring children creative potential. Tegu magnetic wood blocks allow children to come up with designs that will be impossible to build using legit wood blocks. These sets of wood include a sample of normal creations at the start but as the kids’ advance, the possibilities of making more complex designs become high.

Tegu mission blocks has provided a whole new experience to children and added an open ended play by introducing the magnetic building blocks to help learning platform for kids.