Tegu Blocks for Children and Adults

Sometimes parents find themselves at a shortage of the games they can play with their children. Well, I’m talking of something meaningful that will not lower their intelligence. If this is a problem you have been dealing with, Tegu magnetic building block sets may be the perfect answer. Created for ages 1 to 99, Tegu blocks will give you an opportunity to play with your children and help them learn good life skills. They also help you relax from a busy week and have fun time with your children at home. 

What you and your children can do with Tegu blocks

I have seen families having a weekend out and end up lacking something to keep them interested. What if you carried that set of Tegu blocks? You will be able to get something creative to keep everyone occupied. You can engage in some sort of competition if you brought more than one set. This is a way to have fun without having to spend any dime.

These Tugu magnetic wooden blocks can expand your scope of imagination. Whatever crazy design you have in mind, the blocks will conform to it. They are better than traditional wooden blocks which will fall off if you build something unstable. This is a good way to unlock your children’s imagination with something they love. You never know, you may be helping them for a future career in architect. 

When the weather is not so good to go outside, you can still have fun with the entire family. It happens that due to adverse weather conditions you have to spend an entire day indoors. If you have nothing fun to do as a family then it will be boring. If you have sets of Tegu building blocks you have your worries covered. It is a good and creative way to pass time.

Why choose Tegu magnetics building block sets:

  • They can be played with by the entire family. Whether you have a 1 year child or a 90-year old granny, these blocks will keep everyone entertained.
  • They come in various colours and designs. There is a variety to choose from. There is every selection to suit your family’s unique preferences.
  • Non-toxic. Some toys are health hazards and should never be bought. You have nothing to fear about these blocks. They are made from water-based dyes and thus 100% non-toxic.
  • There are 2 sets to choose from. For the little ones you have 12 pieces while for the grownups there are the 42 pieces.