Different Tegu Magnetic Block Sets

The Tegu Company was founded in 2006 by Will Haughey and Chris Haughey, Tegu is today one of the most prosperous toy companies in the world, with its main focus being production of magnetic wooden blocks. The company has its headquarters in the United States and the Honduras, and its main objective is to help the latter through tree-planting campaigns, funding school day, and positive employment opportunities. It has an official website www.tegu.com where details about its services and locations are available. The company’s name (Tegu) has been derived from the capital of Honduras – Tegucigalpa. 

As of now, Tegu block sets are the first of their kind on the market and made using primavera woods, huesito, and mahogany beech. Tegu offers a wide range of different wooden block sets such as large, medium and small size blocks; tegu cars and wheels blocks, tegu 4 piece sets, 52 pieces, etc. Its blocks look just like slightly fancy wooden blocks: smooth, unpainted and with rounded edges and each comes adorned with small, classy company logo branded on one corner. 

52 Piece Wooden Block Set 

This is one of the company’s most selling magnetic wooden blocks. Not only does the 52 piece set foster with curiosity, but its mystery of magnets provides an amazing experience that starts with joy and marvel. Children love this remarkable toy and it is indeed a brilliantly premium and simple heirloom-quality product that is deemed to last for generations. It is also naturally safe: non-toxic, no plastic, no lead, no small parts or water-based lacquer finishes. You can get this toy from leading online outlets starting from $133. 

42 Piece Wooden Block Set 

Like the 52 piece set, this one is also another one of Tegu’s most brilliantly crafted toys that kids love to play with all the time. It incorporates 9 unique shapes that include the magnetic wheels which are wildly addictive to kids. It is a perfect and attractive product for parents who are looking for a toy that supports unscripted and open-ended play for their kids. It is naturally and purely made from FSC certified hardwoods from Honduras. 

There are several other Tegu magnetic wooden blocks that have also been superbly manufactured using the highest standards and are ideal for kids entertainment. The company believes that every child has the unhindered ability to create, imagine, and build. And they are not only creating backyard tree forts and towering block structures, they are creating their futures. Because of this, Tegu packs power to dream more about the future in each and every product they make.