Classroom Learning with Tegu Blocks

As the saying goes, “all work without play makes Jack a dull boy”. Playing is a good way of learning. When children play, their minds are opened up to learn new and exciting things.

Playing with Tegu blocks supports a child’s development. Not only is Tegu blocks fun to play with, but they offer plenty of developmental benefits to children.

Tegu blocks can be used in the classroom for fine motor skills, imaginative play, and problem solving, scale, balance and pattern recognition. Tegu blocks are also simple to play with.

Tegu blocks can be used to nurture creative minds. They help children to enjoy creative activities. These magnetic blocks help children appreciate intellectual and creative activities. 

Pattern Master

Pattern Master is a fun game played with a mixed set of Tegu blocks. It is played by 2 or more students for a collaborative learning activity. The game is started by one student and creates a pattern of colors or shapes with Tegu blocks. Other students try to match the pattern in turns by kicking out single Tegu blocks from the remaining set and checking with the pattern master.

Tegu blocks bring open-minded imaginative play to the classroom with the feel of all natural wood and the powerful wonder of magnets. 


Children can predict how tall they would be in Tegu blocks. The magnetism helps to make the process of measuring easier. After measuring each other the class can compare their predictions to their results.


This exercise introduces math and science concepts to students. This happens because children will be grouping, adding, and subtracting frequently. With the guidance of a teacher, students can select one plank and a trapezoid from Tegu set to create a basic scale. The students can place the fulcrum in the middle of the plank. By experimenting with different combinations of blocks and changing the fulcrum over to one side, students are able to see what balances the scale.


Tegu blocks help students to think creatively and improve their expression. This great game brings students together to work in small groups to build structures, landscapes and machines using Tegu blocks. Each group will work collaboratively to build a story created from scratch, or building from a story read in class. The building sessions enables students to describe what they built and narrate their story to the class.

Tegu blocks provide plenty of entertainment and educational value. Along with this, they are environmentally safe.