Benefits of Building Block Toys

There are many important benefits of magnetic building block toys for children. One particular benefit is that they help the child to imagine, build and create their own structure. They are not only building structures with magnetic building block toys they are also using their imagination. During these processes children develop various skills set like fine motor skills, pattern recognition, balance, hand eye coordination, problem solving, storytelling and imaginative play. Tegu is one of the best magnetic building block toys manufacturers that allows children to play, build and learn with their toys. The company recognized that there is no difference between playing and learning. When the child plays with magnetic blocks with an open mind, they learn new skills and techniques in which they actually don’t know that they are learning. Learning becomes a process as they play.

Researchers have found out that the children who play with blocks and build structures scored higher on their exams and language tests when compared to the kids who don’t play with blocks. The research says the time spent in playing with blocks develops the cognitive and emotional areas of the child. This development is called as executive functions which has different elements and they will build ability to self regulate certain things. Self regulates their emotions, resist impulses, behavior and discipline.

Playing with magnetic building blocks toys improves a child’s math skills. They also learn two types of problem solving skills: convergent and divergent problem solving. With large or small building block sets, children can build structures, which they need to think creatively in order to build and solve problems.

Language development is also developed through magnetic building blocks. In a study, blocks were given to middle class and low income kids where the age of kids ranges from 1.5 to 3 years old. In the study, parents were allowed to give instruction to their kids. After 6 months it was proved that the kids that played with blocks scored higher in terms of vocabulary, verbs and grammar compared to kids who watched TV or played video games.

Playing with blocks improves a child’s cognitive skills, language skills, motor and math skills, and enhances their creativity. Tegu has recognized the imporatance of wooden building blocks and has made it their mission to offer parents great choices. With their small, Tegu medium building block sets and large sets, they have offered childred great toys that are build to last. Tegu magnetic building block toys are more compact and designed for a child’s small hands. With their beautiful magnetic blocks, the structures your children build will be more stable and less likely to fall apart.